best formula one athletes in the world

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No one can deny the importance of the formula one championship in the worldwide industry. The athlete in the field showed a great level of expertise in the area. The Formula one athlete is the most privileged athlete in the world of sports. This is because the F1 drivers often go beyond the limit during each Formula one race they get involved in each championship.

The top rank list of F1 drivers in the world

Formula one

There are many facts about the formula one world. Information can easily shock you if you hear them the first time. The first fact about the F1 world, you should know that the driver head would be measured around 5 grams only.

Formula one top superstar in history

It is highly privileged to mention that the formula one driver always experienced a very different aura when he encounters serious crashes. The Formula one drivers often risk their lives in order to achieve their dreams. Of course, in the majority of the cases, the driver escape the accident and try to save his precious. There is a huge competition when it comes to the Formula one titles seeking. We can find a wide number of athlete that always tried to bring honor and glory to their home countries. In this post, we are going to talk about the top Formula One drivers in the world.

Discover the elite among the top F1 drivers in the world

Sebastian Vettel

In order to the start, the list of the elite when it comes to the formula one industry, we need to talk about Lewis Hamilton is one of the steady F1 drivers over the history. You can find a huge number of titles given to the legend. Hamilton said many times that he has the big honor to drive for the Mercedes Benz team. He gained a plenty number of championships for the German team.
The new Ferrari Team guru: the skilled driver, Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel is the new F1 legend after the great German pioneer Michael Schumacher. The new Italian team Ferrari has great plans for the new steady driver. Ferrari, in fact, is bringing the best technology to the motorsports world.

The golden age of the new generation of The F1 Championship drivers

When it comes to the top-ranked F1 drivers in our age, there are many names to be cited. First, we can find Max Verstappen is one of the bosses in the top-ranked list of the category drivers. The Belgian Dutch young driver is also rocking the F1 championships. He has been over the top ranks over the last two years of his, professional career. The karting category has, without any doubt, helped the Dutch driver in his legacy. Furthermore, Esteban Ocon has a deep influence on the results of each F1 race. He brought to life many titles for his French team. The previous names are among the top drivers in the industry. The formula 1 championships are rocking the motorsports field in the entire world.

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