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NFL had a big long history with quarterback players that wrote their destiny through the American Football league. In fact, many names of the best quarterback of all time have been well remembered over the years thanks to the astonishing performance over a plenty of exceptional matches.

Of course, being a quarterback player in such a great event like NFL will certainly bring a lot of interest worldwide. Many names are being in savage competition to seek more titles of the NFL. But let’s take a step back into the great history of the best quarterback of all time. Here are some of the most astonishing names in the long journey of NFL American Football league.

The Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever:

Best NFL Quarterbacks

The best of the NFL quarterbacks: Drew Brees

Starting with the San Diego beast.  Drew Brees, one of the greatest champions ever. He was one of the unique names that change the concept of destroying big records. Drew Brees was one time both: super bowl champion and one time super bowl MVP champion too. He has ultimately more than 135 victories.

Jim Kelly: The perfect Touch for a NFL quarterback     

Jim Kelly has a big touch in the best quarterback of all time. He played for Buffalo Bills for more than 10 years. and was a Pro Bowl Five times in his career. He gained 191 victories and he made it toward the famous hall of fame.

Minnesota Viking Guru

Playing for Minnesota Viking and leading the Giant to a limitless amount of victories, Fran Tarkenton is one of the best quarterback players in the NFL league ever. With over 124 career victories and long amount of tiles waiting for standing to his long experience, Frank was always an extraordinary player ever.

The most accurate passer in the NFL league

Warren Moon passes could never be been beaten by any other player over history. Warren passes were over 49,325 career passing yards. Furthermore, he was the first time of all pro once. He has also enriched the hall of fame of the NFL league.

Record breaker: Sammy Baugh

The leader of Washington Redskins, Sammy Baugh. He achieved two times NFL championship. Sammy broke a lot of records. Furthermore, he was the player of the NFL. Talking about breaking the records, The Dallas monster Troy Aikman won over 94 victories and south the title of super bowl champion three times.

Joe Namath: Over the top

Joe Namath made an end to his career with 27,6363 yards. He has a rating of 65,5 when it comes top passer playing rating. Namath was the first NFL quarterback to achieve 4000 Yards in 1967. He was named MVP player several times in his long exciting career.

Bart Starr: The Most challenging quarterback

Bart starr is the most rating holder ever. He had a rating of 108,4 which makes him a big challenge to beat for other headquarter players over the years. Bart won super Bowl League 1 and 2 many times. Under the leadership of such a giant coach like Vince Lombardi, Bart starr manifested the greatness of his career.

In fact being a quarterback in the NFL American football league is being much demanded more than ever before. Players from different teams are putting their best in the game in order to seek the title of the best NFL league back-quarter title of the year. Bart Starr, warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton and more famous players were always in a stage of continuous hard work all sacrificing their lives to bring the best of their inner voices.


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