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It seems very hard to distinguish if bubble football is a sport or an entertainment. The new game made a big “buzz” in our days, it gathers a lot of action, joy and funny moments, but seriously talking, can we talk about it as a new sport or a new kind of entertainment and joyful free time activity?

Bubble football as a sport

The game could be played in large spaces, and requires a lot of individuals, most of the times,  bubble football or bubble soccer main aim is to hit the ball into the opposite team’s goal, this principle makes it sharing the same rules as the regular famous Football, the team is composed of an equal number of players, but everybody, for sure, must be ready, for taking a lot of beats. but nothing to worry about, thanks to the bubble stick to the upper body and covering all the head of a person, people are always prevented from injuries. Starting from this facts we can say that this new game shares a lot of points with other regular collective sports which gives it the potential to be considered as a sport.

Bubble soccer as an entertainment

On the other hand, Bubble soccer is always scheduled in parties, bachelor celebrating, schools events and youth gatherings. This new game is always a premium choice for many people due to its low cost, it offers the chance to enjoy their time with friends and family since it brings a lot of free activities, and a big chance to meet a lot of family and schools members and maybe even neighborhood friends. Many opinions consider Bubble football as a new way of entertainment because it has not any regulation settlement, but truth to be said, many reviews confirm that they feel very happy enjoying their weekend playing it.

The future of Bubble football

More resources are talking more nowadays about developing this new fancy game in order to give a new designed rules, which give it maybe soon the chance to be officially one of the popular sports played by people all over the world, the game, in fact, has all the requirement to be called a sport, no danger can be noticed in such game with its simple funny mechanics, Bubble soccer has a lot of advantages it combines both great times with the quality of physical and mental effort, you can very clearly recognize how people become so much happy when they play it, no stress, no border, in contrast, its player seems more open to others, no limits just fun and limitless joy.

Bubble football: a combination of sport and entertainment

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The future of Bubble soccer seems very astonishing, the first world cup ever will be in London in May 2018, an enormous amount of nations are going to be present in the tournament, the game will get more popular thanks to this big cup, with no doubt mass media is one of the big fans of this new kind of events, Bubble soccer will certainly take its big part of fame, and for sure, the revenue will be counted by millions of dollars, since people seem excited about attending the world cup!

Bubble football is certainly a combination of sport and entertainment, if you are seeking of physical efforts, so the game is ultimately for you. On the other hand, if you want to fill your free time by great times with your friends or family, again, Bubble soccer is your perfect choice.

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