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The Louisville cardinal basketball team is the official club and program which represents the University of Louisville. The club won three championships which give it a great potential in the basketball world. A great team is always measured by the high skills of its coach and trainers. Bernard Heckman led The Louisville cardinal basketball team to a golden era. In 1948, the fresh team won the NAIB Tournament, the event triggered the most valuable journey of Louisville. Bernard Heckma, used to win 46 seasons, it gave him a powerful place among the most successful coaches in that age. Since, he broke the record many times, he was a great broker of NCAA records.


the louisville cardinal

The club secret warriors

Heckamn has an efficient assistant called Johon dromo. He was a great planner, he always saved the team a lot of efforts and money. He was, in fact, Heckam was assisted by Dromo for more than 12 years. The huge wide experience shared by the two resulted in a full adventure of titles to Louisville club. The team became a monster in the era when Denny Crum starts coaching the Louisville Basketball team players. The extraordinary coach led the team to the four season in the finals season of NCAA Final Four. It is necessary to add that without that clubs, no powerful club could be in this image today. The coach has done all they got to bring the club to this position. It is, for now, the role of the players to bring the club to a new stage. Deng Adel is a great example. He clearly illustrate the true image which the club is used to be known by. Due to his young age and big pride for the Louisville team, Adel is seen as the future of the basketball not only in the current team; but in term of the national basketball program teams in America.

Major Achievement of Louisville Basketball team


In all the life time of the club, the Louisville is ranked in 10th place concerning all his journey victories. A great advanced rank in the USA top ranking programs. Furthermore, the club is also ranked at the 7th place in the NCAA school section. Those statics can give a brighter image to the club reputation.

In all the time NCAA tournament wining, the team has 76 victories and he is at the 7th on the national basketball general rank. In addition to that, Louisville won three titles from the NCAA tournament. The team has big performance when it comes to National championships since it is known by his deep visions and well-designed tactics to win the championships. Indianna state can be a great example in the history of National championships which the team won.

The Louisville Basketball team main rivals

According to Bleacher reports, Kentucky wildcats is the first rival of the Louisville basketball team. Since Kentucky is ranked at the 2nd place in the college basketball program. The first time the two teams played with each others was in 1913 until they met again in 1983 during the famous NCAA championships.

Actually the two rivals, Kentucky and Louisville, dominated 22 per cent from the National Championships in the USA Basketball Program.

Louisville, in fact, is considered as a strong team to beat in any event related to Basketball. They also have great support from management and planning teams which are the main pillars of the club success.


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