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No one can deny how gender gap always persists in many industries, the sport is one of the main topics deeply affected. The disparity between men and women in sports coverage was always very wide. Women, even in modern times, suffer from the lack of attention, it is very rare you can find someone who has a big interest in women sports.

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Social stereotypes

Women’s athletes are always complaining about an unfavorable view of female sports since society has illogic prejudice concerning women sports. A huge number of Americans, for example, think that men sports are greater than women one. But when it comes to the reasons why women activities are swept to the corner, no direct answer could be found. In fact fan of female sports are estimated by only 17 percent in the USA for instance. A fact that shows the big differences between the two sexes. But truth to be told, women athletes become more and more popular nowadays, a lot of media broadcasts start making interest in women sports.


Women sports and media coverage

Media audience seems always taking care of women attractiveness more than their abilities or even on their performance. In tennis, for example, many women players are always described by their body shape more than anything else. The best proof for it, Maria Sharapova in Tennis a match is always reported referring to her attractiveness more than her skills in playing Tennis, although she is ranked top-earning female athlete in 2010. Moreover, women sport is often covered whenever a scandal appears, or in the case of the world championship, contrary to men coverage which always the subject of media in our daily lives.


The gender pay gap

It is weird to hear that salaries and payment can change depending on the gender of the athletes. Some say, women sports doses not generate profit as men sports do. Sponsorship contracts ARE often given to men, hundred of scholarship are taken by men too. even if in most of the cases, the nature of sport could be practiced by both genders. Without any doubt, many authorities are pushing women to manifest their greatness in order to realize equality with men rights in sports. Women sooner or later must flourish their pay parity.

From men’s side point

Men usually think that a lot of popular sports such as soccer and basketball will never be as identical with women as with men. They confirm that men body is more powerful, faster and even athletic. Statistics show that the audience always prefers to watch men when it comes to collateral and strength needed sports like rugby. Meanwhile, people often choose to watch women sports when the activity is related to individual sports such as Tennis, Gymnastics…

Most of the cases, people are looking for entertainment in sports which could be found in aggressive and strength need sports such as Rugby and Boxing, the more exciting it is, the more money the athletes get. It is, for sure, a win-win strategy, this why sponsor always put their cash in sports like wrestling, boxing and Rugby.

No one can deny that women have so much ability to achieve great titles, but it is crucial to change stereotypes when it comes to women especially in sports.

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