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Injuries prevention in Rugby, Sports injuries | Injuries in Rugby

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Rugby is one of the most popular sport in the world, especially in North America. The number of people playing Rugby is increasing day after day, from high school student to adults, Rugby is taking a large part in many people life! unfortunately, Rugby can be considered as a sharp dangerous sport in some cases, there are a lot of precautions must be taken in order to prevent hard injuries.

Rugby as a full-contact sport

Since Rugby is a full-contact sport, much injuries could take place,  tibial stress always occurs due to the high level of running and jumping all the time, in this case, what exactly happens is a frequent injury of  leg pain in athletes body, even it’s not a major injury, this accident could lead to dangerous results.

Respect to others

Rugby is a hundred percent a collision sport, many bones often get fractured, in each match we can find dislocated elbows, cuts, and broken noses! for this reason, much tactics related to playing ethics, now clubs are working to inject respect between the players from the different team, like that, risk and injuries could be minimized because a huge number of injuries are resulted due to anger and the lack of self-control among the opposite team players! so anger management is one of the crucial pillars to prevent injuries in Rugby.

Medical factors

Sometimes Athletes don’t find it easy to Admit that they have been injured, they often fear to be isolated from the field, so it is necessary for the team doctor or the team coach to take care of his team member health situation, most of the times, a medical check is being established every week as a standard, but sometimes it is recommended to do it every day, especially after training. One reason for doing that is the high percentage of getting a concussion. Rugby is full of jumps, hits and running long distance, this simultaneous factor can easily trigger a concussion. The solution for it is quite simple, players must be examined by a qualified medical professional so the players can always keep their good shape.

Well planning

To minimize risky moves, the team should well choose his member’s positions, so their move will take their own place, such a level could be achieved by the coordination of the team and their trainer, the coach will make sure to put the right man in the right place depending on the member ability and skills. Using this strategy traumatic injury could be prevented most of the times. In addition to that, any players must wear the right protective gear so he can protect himself against powerful collisions.

Be prepared


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Being always prepared for the game, warm very well, being physically and mentally ready for it will certainly give players more Aura to achieve higher results without any problem, like that everyone can play fairly and safely. besides, drinking a lot of water is much advised for Rugby players to stay away from dehydration and more important if you have any injuries even if it seems minors, the player must immediately stop and check a doctor to be evaluated because keep playing this way will make it worse.

Rugby is such an interesting sport to practice, but preventing injuries must be taken as a big priority to guarantee and feel the truth behind this exciting game!

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