top wnba draft prospects 2018

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WNBA draft prospects: The meeting of the entire basketball pioneers

WNBA draft prospect 2018

WNBA draft prospects are rocking this year. The famous event was set on April 12, 2018. In fact, the WNBA draft prospects are taking a large part in the NBA wide reputation. Since the most skilled players are always present in WNBA draft prospects. In this post, we are going to talk about the steadiest players in the NBA league. More specifically being, it is about the top players in the WNBA draft prospects.

The gain is finally paying off at the WNBA draft prospects

WNBA has a deep influence on the women basketball industry in the United States of America. For this reason, you will certainly have an astonishing event during WNBA draft prospects of this year. There are a plenty of great players this year. Their super aim is to show what they have learned for year and year of training and self-improvement. This year-round had great different results from any other previous year.

The list of the top WNBA draft prospects

In the first round of WNBA draft prospect, 12 players were selected to start their WNBA journey. It is, in fact, the best opportunity to start the professional life of the real basketball players.

Aja Wilson: WNBA draft prospects guru

WNBA draft prospects Aja

The first selected players in the WNBA draft prospects was the Las Vegas Aces super player A’ja Wilson, 6’5, C South Carolina, a widely known athlete that made her best to manifest her greatness. This player was exactly excited to win the pick. She will finally head to Las Vegas. Since all the year, she was the most dominated basketball college player in her range. She certainly deserves the best she got from the WNBA pick this year.

Kelsey Mitchell: WNBA 2018 top selected basketball player

The second pick of the WNBA 2018 selected Kelsey Mitchell from Ohio state university. It was clear that Kelsey is going to win a pick in the pick of 2018. The authentic basketball players have more than 20 shots in four season of her playing in the college season. One thing we know for sure about Kelsey Mitchell is that she can always score and make perfect shots. This is why she was the main basketball players. She had a wide chance to be picked in the WNBA 2018. With her ability to handle and manage the ball, she can defeat almost any defender she faces in the field.

Deshields: the basketball most goal seeker ever

WNBA draft prospects Diamond Deshields

From the University of Tennessee, Diamond Deshields has a great contribution to the pick this year. Actually, after the 2016-17 NCAA season, Deshields went pro after a long journey with of playing college football. Thanks to her ability to release perfect shots, Deshields is going to rock the Las Vegas event this year. She will also have a wide chance to win the lottery this spring. The pick will without any doubt bring her the best she deserves in her career. Basketball professionalism is certainly here. The women basketball is manifesting its golden age.

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