Top WNBA draft prospects of 2017

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The WNBA has become one of the most exciting basketball leagues in the United States of America. WNBA draft prospects have a lot to say in the past three years. The league gave women such a great chance to bring out all they have in their inner spirit. For this reason, the WNBA draft prospects will bring a more astonishing show.

Top WNBA draft prospects

Top WNBA draft prospects

When it comes to basketball, skills are everywhere. Women prove they have so much to perform in the basketball industry. For this reason, the WBNA was a great opportunity to manifest their ultimate goals in performing their favorite sport. Woman basketball in the United States of America went very viral thanks to the wide coverage from the American mass media in the country. Woman are finally witnessing the best in their journey.

WNBA: new prospect in the women basketball league

           The path for professionalism for women in basketball

Created in 1996 Woman national basketball association brought some much advantages to women sports industry. Dealing with every skill a woman has in basketball, they trigger a great strategy in pushing basketball over the limit. As a professional American league, the WNBA has become the best event in the world concerning woman basketball field. Fans from everywhere are spending hundreds of hours watching the progression of the game for more than 20 consecutive years. After only four years of its lunch, the WNBA doubled its perspective. As result, in 2000, more basketball professional teams joined the basketball women league.

            More glory for basketball athletes

Truth to be told, the season of 2004 was the best season ever in the history of the Woman national basketball association. Since every woman basketball team in the league fought strongly to seek the best woman title in the history of basketball that time. But in the last of the same year, the president me of the WNBA announced his quit from the league. He claimed that he was not spending enough time with his family. Every WNBA fans were clearly shocked by the news but it was clearly obvious that the league would without any doubt continue its path toward glory.

Feeling the basketball golden age in the WNBA

In 2010, the league manifested its great age. WNBA draft prospects finally took its place in the media. A lot of mass media means started to cover matches concerning women basketball league. A lot of advertisers competed to win deals with professional athletes. As result, hundreds of marketing strategies involved the trend of the Woman national basketball association. Millions of dollars have been gained thanks to the high performance of the professional athlete in the WNBA.

In the WNBA basketball draft, many super professional women athlete have been selected by the much giant basketball teams. This year would certainly bring the best for the game audience.

WNBA draft prospects

The draft took place in April, the top four picks have been determined thanks to the 2017 WNBA draft. The San Antonio stars drafted the first. Secondly, Washington Mystics and Dallas wings were the next. Los Angeles Sparks were also in the pick of the 2017 lottery. In the first round of the WNBA draft, Kelsey Plum and Alaina Coats were on the top list of the round. In addition to that, Shayla Cooper and Lindsay Allen were at the first positions in the second round. The upcoming leagues of the WNBA will certainly rock the fans of the woman basketball. Since each professional basketball players has her deep vision about her career in the WNBA.

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