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Wyoming Cowboys men’s basketball is a well-known basketball team. The interesting name of “Cowboy” comes from a unique story in the history of the club, after a Cowboy came in the beginning days of the club assisted a match. Players started shouting with the name of Cowboy many times. Like that, the name was stuck to the club.

The club represents the club of Wyoming and often had competitions with high schools teams. His name spread in a fast way. The club of cowboys ranked 42nd place in the most famous basketball rank program in the USA. Wyoming won the game that day when he defeated the well famous team of Georgetown University.

wyoming cowboys basketball

The great rise of Wyoming Cowboys

The club first arena was very narrow, it could not hold a lot of people and even a lot of mass media contributors. Since the 90 years, the team used to have a great wide place which boosts its enthusiasm and passion to gain a lot of titles in the future. Everest Shelton was one of the pioneers of leading Wyoming to majesty. His team could win more than 22 games. At NCAA Tournament, the Wyoming Cowboys men’s basketball won the match against Georgetown club. The team was coached by ken sailors. The match was one of the most outstanding shows in that era.

A great Gym Stands for A great Team

The team half acre surface arena was clearly limiting their potential to manifest their power. For this reason, The team was seeking for a wider arena where they can have the best working out. The results were astonishing. The difference was very obvious. The team started giving its best by achieving great titles among the big team in the states.

The giant stadium

The team is taking big advantages from a bigger place to manifest their greatness in playing Basketball. The 7,200 feet elevation of the stadium gives the place a suitable picture to the Wyoming Cowboys. The war memorial stadium can hold 20 000 fans. But the best was yet to come since the club benefits from big changes in his infrastructure. The team won a lot of championships in addition to First Team All-Western Athletic Conference’s titles and Fred Biletnikoff Awards. The Cowboys released a lot of times the Selected Wyoming Football Player of the Century alongside to the Wyoming Athletics Hall of Fame on September 24, 2004.

The Cowboys main pillars

Bowden Wyatt was one of the big names that boosted the club fame. He was an American football player and coach. He was known by his big record in 16 seasons as a head coach. The coach was a great gift in the era of the club. For six years, the coach deserved the title of the most legendary football coach in the Wyoming Cowboys men’s basketball history.


The Cowboys, nowadays, are considered as a great team. This majesty is established after a long journey of hard work and persistence sacrificed by the coaches, the players and all the University of  Wyoming Cowboys.

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