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Steroids and Drugs in sports | Deceases and symptoms

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Anabolic steroids is one of the strapping drugs ever, its deep effect on the human body is so much high. the steroid is often used to treat a lot of decease, especially, when we talk about the immune system, the substance reduces its activity besides a plenty of other effective uses. Whenever the defense system is failed, the steroid can make the mission instead. But unfortunately, the magic substance is widely misused, especially in Sports.


Baldness and breast anormal development .

gynecomastia can easily be caused by the abuse of using a steroid. Symptoms of this dangerous decease can be seen in blandness, the anabolic steroid can cause a lot of damage to the human body. starting from blandness to big red acne not just in the face but also in the back which is very annoying, especially for youth people! The other bad news falling into the trap of big breast development. Even after stopping consuming steroid for a long time, you will suffer from the ugly look of your chest, unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is to take a surgery, which can cost you a lot of money. For many reasons, there are a hundred of ways to grow muscles, but for sure it needs time, without any reason, that’s will be greater than suffering from steroid problem for your entire life.


Heart attacks .

Athletes abusing steroids use in their bodies have a lot of heart attacks and strokes, even youth ones, since steroid prevents most of the times blood to reach the brain , which can cause strong dangerous strokes. The problem occurs when the lipoproteins that carry cholesterol in the blood is changed between high and low values due to the high quantity of steroid injected by the athlete. Another impact can be illustrated by shrinking vascular and blood vessels. Such an effect will prevent hearth from doing his crucial function.

roid rage.

Steroid abuse was always associated with aggressive acts, depression and strange suicide feelings. People consuming this drugs are always doing their best to seek a perfect body. Results after some weeks of stopping steroid can be catastrophic. People in such situation can be shocked and depressed from their wasted time for no goal! Moreover, the consumer will feel a random change in his feelings, a lot of times he can be anxious for no reason. Sometimes the drug will make you afraid of future, all of this side effect is caused due to the sudden change of the consumer hormones, as well as a simultaneous alteration in the metabolism of steroids.

Serious Infections.

Many of misusers of Anabolic steroid often suffer from deep infections. they can get serious needles from other abusers. Besides that, limitless of Steroid drugs are prepared illegally in nonsterile conditions. Abusers are more bacterial infection victims comparing to anyone since they can be contaminated easily by spoilt deceases. Bacteria causes so much pain with time in the areas where steroid was injected.


Steroids and Skin problems.



Eczema and dermatitis are the major skin side effect of the abuse of using steroid. Furthermore, the misuse of prednisone, which is an oral steroid substance, can result several acnes, in many places in the body such as the neck, face, back, and arms.Meanwhile, acnes will never disspear until the steroid is discontinued. Allergy is another problem, it drives athelets crazy, as result to this feeling, they start using more steroid to get rid from it, but unfortunatemy, the allergy is getting even worst.

To overcome steroid abuse, athelets must always apply their coach advices. Everything can be achieved in any sport by passion and never surrouning, of course steroid is recommended by a lot of professional, but it doses not mean, it need to be abused. With the team, family, coach and trainers support, anyone for sure can find his path to a health professional lifestyle.

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