1912 : The best Native American Athletes

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The best Native American Athletes,No one can deny that Oklahoma was the land of such two unique athletes that made their best to bring the top to their home country. They have been digging for the year to achieve such great titles.  Jim Thorpe and Louis Tewanima were two legendary names that brought the best to the United States of American hall of fame. After competing with high perspective in Stockholm, the two legendary athletes were on the top of their performance. They surely have a great tactic to come across the game and back with two of the most achievement during the Olympics of all time. They were ultimately the famous native American athlete from Oklahoma star of the 1912 Olympics

Jim Thorpe and Louis Tewaniman: Gurus of the 1912 Olympics

Jim Thorpe and Louis Tewaniman two names that were never separated thanks to their shared performance which they accomplished together for their homes town. People from all over the world were repeating their names over and over, it was never the case, that two Olympic themes made it at the same race. In fact, the two runners were a little bit strange and weird when it comes to running. Hundreds of record have been destroyed thanks to the high skills of both of them. Jim Thorpe and Louis Tewanima are often reminded by a combination of their two names as a great memorial of their unique achievement that they add to the international sports levels.

From sheep herding to 1912 Olympics massive winner

Spending almost all his life in Arizona, Tewanima was a Hopi Indian who decided to dig deep in the field of sports. One skill he matured from his young age was running. He was clearly doing his best to improve his timing from his early ages. Determination and high vigilance of his visions made him ready to start a new kind of journies which will certainly bring him the best in his professional life.

Among many another runner that suffered from a cultural and political problem in that era, we can find Billy Mills. Actually, Millis has the same barriers as Tewanima, his passion and clear vision made him beat problems one after other in order to win each race him contributes in.


A trusty native American professional athletes

As life is clearly simple, Tewanima after earning the best titles in the international Olympics in Sweden, he came back to Arizona, where he continued herding sheep. Tewanima used to have his own vision of life. He was never interested in glory, in contrast, he was always competing from moral aspects such as the marginalization his ethnicity used to have in that era. Millis and Tewamina, in fact, were the perfect examples of each person who wants to dig his way through greatness and make his dreams come true. In that moments, no one can do whatever he wants, even if we are talking about America, the ethnic group suffered a lot from Marginalization, for this reason, Olympics were the best place for each professional athletes to send the message he wants to world. In fact, sports events were always the perfect place for such life-changing moments

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