1912 : Invasion of native American super athletes

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Invasion of native American super athletes; The name of was always lied to such legendary champions in the mind of millions of people over the world. James Francis Thorpe is an American medal Olympic holder. As a huge honor for the United States of America, he was the first professional player who got his medal title. The country home of James Francis was ultimately proud of their unique game-changing player. The history of football has completely a different charm in any other sport of any other countries.

James used to have a great vision for his future. A great polyvalent professional that add the best value in the field. He is of the unique athlete that made such an honored title like the gold medal of the Olympic Games.

From Oppression to native American super athlete title

You could never talk about Jim Thorpe without talking about what happened in the Olympic championship in Sweden. It was a highly exciting sports event back to that days. He could come in the first place in the race. His fast steady tactic of running made manifest the best and bring Gold with a home to the country. All honoring millions of people from all over the world. Truth be told, Jim was always to a high standard of running. He was one of the luckiest athletes on earth who had the chance to win both decathlon and penthalon titles. Thorpe was always a ma, of morals, he always played for ideas and ethics, and he often wants to convey a message from his playing. He has been facing a lot of struggle, marginalizing and continuous sadness in their own land. This is because the oppression that was contaminating all the country that era.

Oklahoma big pride: Gold from Sweden Olympics back to 1912

James was a real famous native American athlete from Oklahoma star of the 1912 Olympics. He made his trusty path away from any other oppressor system. Sweden made him for sure a great example of millions of people from his own home country. He had been encouraged by every person who felt the same sorrow Jim felt at that time. These kinds of struggles surely made the professional athlete think about how to make a changing point in his career to help the others. In fact, Jim made his mission with the help of his colleague Millis in the international Sweden Olympics. It was a game-changing moment s for every person that felt oppressed by the system that particular times in the United States of America.

Being one of the most talented famous native American athletes from Oklahoma star of the 1912 Olympics, Jim had always a simple mind. After the massive winning in Sweden, he simply came back to his hometown in order to support and stand with his people. Nowadays, Willis and Jim are seen as two of the top pioneers in each sports industry, including NCAA, NFL and any other sports event in the entire world. The new generation is always relying on the deep experience and the detailed history of the two iconic athletes in history, the ultimately symbolize the true meaning of being a native American super athlete.

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