formula 1 world championship leaderboard

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Formula 1 world championship leaderboard is rocking in the last decades. The rank of the F1 drivers was always changing thanks to the various talents each driver holds. As a matter of fact, you are going to astonished by the huge difference in skills among the top drivers in the industry nowadays. There a very large list of famous athlete that is manifesting the best they can do in the F1 championships. The Grand Prix competitions have a deep influence on such professional athletes. In this post, we are going to talk about the top skilled contributors in the field of Formula 1 .

formula 1 world championship leaderboard

Lewis Hamilton: the top-ranked name in the formula 1 world championship leaderboard

Lewis Hamilton is among the top players in the field of the F1 wide competition. Hamilton has a deep impact on the world championships. You will have a great performance show whenever you witness any game where Lewis is involved. Actually, Hamilton won fourth championships of the Formula 1 world. In 2012, Mercedes was the trigger for Lewis Hamilton to manifest his greatness. On December 201, Louis Hamilton won the fourth the world championship. His records were over the top during the last world titles. The Mercedes team is ranked on the second place due to the perfect performance of Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel: the new German guru of the F1 championship top ranking

Vettel Vettel formula 1 world championship leaderboard

The German steady F1 pilot is also dominating the formula 1 world championship leaderboard. Since he took the second place in the championship behind Hamilton. His unique determination about leading the Ferrari team toward the top. Sebastian Vettel is a four-time world champion in the Formula One championships. The young driver is bringing a very sophisticated pride to Germany. The country is adding new titles to its honored portfolio in the world of motorsports. He had the huge background of record-breaking scores. Vettel is one of the most powerful rivals of the veteran driver Hamilton.

The Finnish F1 driver is rocking the formula 1 world championship leaderboard

The champion of F1 in 2007, Kimmi Raikkonen is among the top-ranked Formula one drivers. He has a wide dominance on the formula 1 world championship leaderboard for decades. Kimmi has a deep experience when it comes to the world championships. Since he is seen as an old generation school that still making more success to his long honored portfolio. As a matter of cat,  He has the best free laps record in 2005. He was at the same position with the steady pilot Michael Schumacher. Killi is, for sure, one of the top and epic Formula one driver in the history of the industry.

Actually, we are living in the golden age of the Formula industry. The new generation of F1 pilot is widely dominating the rival competition of the formula 1 world championship leaderboard. As result, the performance is getting more shaped than ever before.

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