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Technology is changing our lives day after day. Everything in our daily lives become easier thanks to technology. Sport is one of the top industries that takes advantages of technology. People nowadays are more excited to practice sports than ever before, technology and sports science bring humanity amazing shortcuts to seek professional goals in sports. Thanks to the development of Technology, athletes industries experienced a new era of the sports universe.

It is crystal clear how every second is much worthed in sports, from cycling to swimming, athletes are always in the process of improving their time, technology comes with several ways to make the task even more easier.

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Sports Data Gathering

Data processing of the players starts giving its fruit since 2001. New systems have been established in order to observe each move. This tactic helps to distinguish each game plan is the best and which player move is accurate for beating the opposite team. For example, ball’s trajectory can be traced by a camera called Hawk-eye. Other new technologies are being involved, in Soccer, new sensor linked to advanced computers are established in order to well decide if the ball passes over the line.

A new concept of sport, Virtual Reality

VR starts invading a lot of areas of sports. Athletes are taking advantages from real situations of training assisted by computers. They can easily feel the same conditions as the real match will be. Thanks to this technology, players could improve their performance before the real match. Preventing mistakes, and establishing an error prediction plan will certainly give sports clubs bigger chances to dig their way toward winning. With the help of I.O.T which stands for Internet of things, data could be perceived and analyzed by computers with the aim of targeting further error-free objectives. Some games like soccer and basketball, players usually could be asked to wear a helmet holding a camera. Owning to this camera, coach and trainers have a great tool to get accurate data about their player’s reactions.

The technology won’t  stop!

Thanks to the high continuous development of biomechanics and the rise of genetics which are both oriented toward sports fields, athletes are improving their abilities. They can even achieve goals which were impossible just a few years ago. Technology gives athletes a new perspective on practicing and training for their match. For instance, Coach used to watch previously recorded tips in order to find players errors. Nowadays, due to 3-dimensional technology, the process is more precise and even optimised. Athletes can even be evaluated as real-time situation, any expert can see live body data concerning the players, how the player’s heart and brain are dealing with the body massive efforts. Like that, coach and experts can establish the right tactic for the right player situation. It is obvious that technology won’t stop at this level, the new invention is flowing in the field which for sure has a positive impact on professional athletes.


Actually, a plenty of sports experts start digging deeply with physiologists in order to start a new era of what is called “Personalized biology and genetics  “. Genes are the pillar of all our behaviors, this acknowledge is the one which alters athletic actions. For this major reason, the scientist is working hard to discover the mechanism behind it, such a result could certainly make players workout more and more actively. But, without any doubt, this effect should be used without neglecting human ethics.



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