Top legendary native american athlete in history

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Top native american athlete in history

Native American Players are often in high perspective when it comes to titles and the big achievements. Each American native player had his own reason to play for. Some players had the chance to prove their potential to millions or even for billions of people around the world, that they are the best in the game. One criterion is always seen is when we found that the most talented professional players in the NCAA football league are chosen from colleges. Youth players are one of the best pillars of the NFL and NCAA world championship which is often interesting year after year.

Alex Jacob: A historical pioneer among native American Indian athletes

For a lot of cultural and spiritual reason, Alex Jacob was always on the top of the list when it comes to achievement and high goals. Jacob used to be very talented professional player especially when it comes to defense and sudden attacks.

Jim Thorpe: When legacy seeks native American super athlete

Without any doubt, Jim Thorpe was the best professional athlete of all time. Due to his wide list of titles and perfect tactics, Jim is seen as the best of the best. In 1912, he won the decathlon in Sweden. Jim Thorpe used to have so many problems. Especially when the world of politics stood against of him. Politics argued the fact that Jim played semi-professional baseball, which made him totally lose all his titles and achievement. After a lot of steady hard work, Jim finally won with his team a series of interesting titles. But unfortunately, no championship was gained. Jim Thorpe played baseball and American professional football from 1913 to1928.

Billy Mills: An unrepeatable runner in the Olympic history

Truth to be told, Billy Mills was the best runner ever. After winning the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Billy became a high known symbol for each Olympic events fan. Destroying the record of 10000 meters in the Olympics, Billy Mills if for sure one of the steady endeavor in the history of Olympics.

Louis Tewanima: One of the top native American Indian athletes

In 1912, Louis Tewanima was the luckiest Olympic native American athlete ever. He made his dream come true when he achieved the silver in Stockholm Olympics. Before Billy Mills record, Louis holds the title as the best runner in such a huge Olympics ever. Tewanima, Billy Mills, and Jim Thorpe were the best titles when it comes to the legendary Native American athlete. Not only in the United States of America but also when it comes to the worldwide market.

Tom Longboat: The best n his category as a native American super athlete

We could never mention titles and championships related to native American athlete without talking about Tom Long, he is for sure one of the strongest players athletes in the history of America. He started his first achievement in 1905 when he performed his memorial running a try. The result was ultimately astonishing. He had a long struggle with manager and sponsor, but Tom was concerned about his career.  America was proud of its NCAA and NFL and other championships and titles among its categories and trusty, the field is getting richer each day. The reputation of the American football is highly in demand.

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